Support the Library


Volunteers are welcome at the library. We can use help with many aspects of running the library. Volunteers can do many things, including helping clean, cooking for events, shelving books, helping at events, and more).

Trustees are happy to write a letter to document volunteer hours for any volunteer. Often volunteering at the library can count as community service. Anyone with this requirement or desire is encouraged to contact the library at or a trustee directly.

Volunteers are welcome to volunteer at the library when at least one trustee is in the building.

Book Donations

We accept recently published books in good to new condition. Books in new condition may be included in the library’s collection; however, often, we use book donations for our annual book sale.

The library has a small budget of $1000 that covers all our expenses, including technology. We have minimal resources for new books. However, the library often has the most recent bestsellers due to generous donors. If you would like to purchase a book for the library, visit our wishlist.